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Half Hour Massage

Reflexology Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Deep Muscle Massage

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Cupping Massage

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$90 per person



Holistic Massage

Swedish Massage w/Crystal Healing

Hawaiin Hot Stone Massage

Ear Candeling w/Upper Body Massage

Vacation Experience

Aromatherapy Massage

Healing Stone Therapy Massage

Unplugged (4 Handed/50 min.)

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Brandy Pear Body Polish

Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub

Coconut Beach Sugar Body Scrub

Champagne & Rose Hydrating Body Body Wrap

Sunflower Honey Butter Intensive Hydration Wrap

Farmhouse Fresh Seasonal Body Wrap







Full Body

Legs Only

Face & Décolleté

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Beauty from Within - $125
60 minutes with Lee Ann

Come in, lay down, and leave the stress of the world behind, as you sink into a deeply relaxed state of mind. The Holy Fire® Reiki will help to release stress, tension and anxiety, providing you with a greater sense of ease, focus and mental clarity. In this session Lee Ann uses the beautiful sounds of crystal and quartz singing bowls, allowing the vibrations of these beautiful instruments to aid in your healing. These sessions have the ability to strengthen your immune system and improve your health, thus radiating your inner beauty outward for all the world to see! Guided by her intuition, Lee Ann will send Reiki to the areas in your body that are most in need of healing, allowing this healing energy to release any mental, emotional or physical blocks you may have.

Crystal Reiki Session - $125
60 minutes with Lee Ann

This session combines the beautiful healing energy of Reiki with the powerful transforming energy of crystals. Each crystal combination is selected with care, guidance and my intuition, to help support you in releasing what no longer serves you.  Crystals hold powerful vibrations, and when placed within your field, can help to alter or release the lower or negative vibrations, thus raising the field of energy within and surrounding the body. Combined with the powerful art of Holy Fire Reiki, these sessions can create amazing shifts within our bodies and our lives, helping us to find calm and balance.

Lee Ann is a Holy Fire Reiki Master & Teacher as well as an Angel Oracle card reader.

Angel Oracle Card Reading - $60
30 minutes with Lee Ann

Your Angels are always with You! If you have questions about your life or need direction on which path to follow, then an Angel Oracle Card Reading is a perfect way to hear your messages from them and a great way to receive validation or clarity on your life circumstances. Your Angels want to help you, but will only do so if you ask!